1. Do I have to be a Filmocracy member to apply?

No. Anyone is free to apply.

  1. Is Filmocracy’s support limited to any geographical area?

Yes, right now it is limited to the south Indian states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Soon we plan to extend our support to other parts of India as well. However, the filmmaker/producer will have to bear the additional expenses to transport the equipments from Filmocracy’s Kerala office to the shooting location.

  1. I don’t have a film degree, can I still apply?

Yes, you can.

  1. Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee.

  1. Do I have to apply online? Is it possible to submit application by post or directly?

Yes, you must apply online. Application by post or directly will not be accepted.

  1. What are the documents required and mode of submission for the Foundation’s project?

The application should be submitted online. There is no provision for applying directly. The applicant has to furnish supporting documents (please check the guidelines).

  1. Can I apply for making my first feature film?

Yes. But you should have done a short film or a documentary before applying. This helps the selection panel to assess your technical preparedness and not necessary to judge its creative merits.

  1. Can I apply to make my first short film?

Yes. You don’t need to show any previous work.

  1. Can I approach Filmocracy to make a documentary?


  1. Can I approach Filmocracy to make a tele-film or serial?

Yes, you can make a tele-film. But serials are not supported.

  1. Can I submit a music video project?

Yes, a music video project will be selected for its exceptional content or creative merits.

  1. I don’t write scripts; I write outlines and allow my actors to do what they do best. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply with a detailed film treatment and any other supporting materials to impress the selection panel.

  1. I don’t consider myself a storyteller, but I make short documentaries. Can I still apply?


  1.  If I’ve previously applied, can I apply again with the new project?

Yes, you can apply with a new project.

  1. Would Filmocracy have consideration for the struggling first time/second time filmmakers?

While we put our best efforts to support every remarkable project in terms of content/creative merits/innovation etc, preference would be given to the first/second time filmmakers, as they deserve more support than the established ones.

  1. What are the selection criteria and the process?

We have a 5 member panel for selecting the projects for production support. Each member would award 0-10 points based on content/creative merits/innovativeness of a project. A project scoring 30 (out of 50) or above points would be pre-selected. Thereon, the panel might have project specific queries. Satisfying those queries gets a project selected.

  1. If Filmocracy approves my short/documentary/feature film project, do I still need a producer?

While Filmocracy helps you to bring down the production costs drastically, you still need funds (however small it is) to finish production and post-production works.

  1. If my project gets Filmocracy nod, what are my obligations?

The producer/filmmaker needs to enter into an agreement for 5% revenue sharing with Filmocracy. As you are aware that the equipments and the facilities are acquired through public contributions, Filmocracy needs to upgrade its equipments/facilities and expand its operation to the next level. It may not be viable to approach the public for every upgrade or expansion plan. Therefore, the revenue generated from projects will be dedicated for this purpose.

  1. Does the Foundation retain any copyright claims on my completed work?


  1. What happens after my project is selected?

Once the project is selected, it is handed over to the ‘Project Management’ team. They would help you to plan/design your shoot and schedule it conveniently.

  1. Should I pay Filmocracy crew members?

Yes, you have to pay the crew as they are the backbone of our system.

  1. We are a team of experienced technicians; we are not in need of the Filmocracy crew. Is it possible to avoid the Filmocracy crew and the payment for them?

It is our strict policy to hand over the equipments only to Filmocracy crew. This is to ensure the safety and well keeping of the equipments. However, we can negotiate on the number of Filmocracy crew to be employed from project to project.

  1. What is the minimum qualification for cameramen/sound recordists to use Filmocracy equipments?

We would provide the equipments only to technicians with prior
experience in the specific area.

  1. Should I pay for the equipments Filmocracy provides?

Yes. Filmocracy has acquired its equipments/facilities through public contributions. The minimal fee you pay goes toward the maintenance of equipments, office rent, administration expenses etc.

  1. Should I make the entire payment in advance?

Yes. You should make the crew payments and the equipments’ fee in advance. If the number of shooting days are lesser than estimated, we shall return the difference amount.

  1. What happens if any of the equipment gets damaged while in our possession?

You have to pay for the replacement if the damage is due to negligence.

  1. How many feature film projects will be approved in a year?

It depends on many factors. However, we foresee 6-8 feature projects in a year, once we are fully functional.

  1. Is there a budget limit to qualify for a feature film production support?

Yes. Filmocracy supports feature film projects with budget up to Rs. 50 lakhs only.

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