Festival Team

Festival Team

Unni Vijayan (Festival Curator)

Unni Vijayan is a national award winning filmmaker and has a keen interest in the independent cinema movement. Both a film editor as well as filmmaker, he has worked extensively in television before foraying into independent cinema. He is an academician, teacher and writes on cinema.

Poorva Dinesh (Festival Coordinator)

Poorva Dinesh was a translator of German before she studied film editing. she has edited as couple of documentaries and directed a documentary ‘ Haus of Maya’. Presently, she is working on her next documentary project

Avinash Ayiniyat (Festival Poster)

Avinash Ayaniyat studied in Fine Arts College, Trivandrum before turning to graphic design and advertising. He has worked as a creative director in various agencies before starting his own design company. He spends his time between Kannur and Dubai

Pranav Raj (Festival Trailers)

Pranav joined NSD bangalore to learn acting but then he realized he wanted to be a filmmaker. He soon started editing for students of LV Prasad academy. He assisted the editor of ‘Shyamprasad’s Hey Jude’ and worked as an assistant director to Kamal Mohammed on the yet to be released project ‘pada’. Pranav has also made a few short films. 

Unnikrishnan (Festival Website Pages)

Unnikrishnan is a web designer and Web developer. He has worked in various web design companies in Dubai and Kerala. Currently at Kozhikode doing freelance works. Unni has been a hardcore supporter of Filmocracy and the backbone of our website management.

Sufaid Sulaiman (Social Media)

Sufaid hails from Calicut and studied film direction. His films reflects the angst of his community but yet remains universal. He is a social worker and believes in the good of humanity.

Ashwin Divakar (Social Media)

Ashwin Divakar studied cinematography but has a keen sense of editing. Reticent, Ashwin Divakar allows his films to speak for him.

Deepak Mohan (Social Media)

Deepak has worked extensively on digital marketing and social media before he got to his real interest, filmmaking. He makes corporate films with simple resources. Presently, he is directing a short film.