1. Make sure that you fill up all the mandatory fields in the Submission Form. If you don’t, it will not go through.

2. A director or a producer can submit the application.

3. If the script is adapted, state if the rights are acquired.

4. Director and producer profiles should outline the personal details, credentials and details of previous works, It also should have contact details such as address, mobile no, email etc.,

5. Submissions are limited to Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu at the moment. We shall notify, once it is open to other areas.

6.  A tagline or short description could be limited to 1-3 sentences.

7. A detailed synopsis (having at least 500 words, in case of a feature film) should be provided.

8. Directors statement should not be more than 350 words.

9. Director/producer profile should not be more that 200 words.

10 Budget should have pre-production, production and post-production break ups. It also should state the finance already secured.

The following can be used as a sample format:

  • Pre-production Budget : Rs. XX0000
  • Production Budget : Rs. XX0000
  • Post-production Budget : Rs. XX0000
  • Total Budget : Rs. XX0000
  • Finance already secured : Rs.XX0000

11. List the cast & crew, if finalized already.

12. The script is advised to get copyright registered before submitting. If you don’t have a script, a detailed film treatment also can be attached. English script/treatment can be submitted in pdf or word formats. However, if you wish to attach the script/treatment in Malayalam, it should be in pdf format. Please make sure that your document size does not exceed 10MB.

Links to copyright offices in India:

13. Every project will be screened by the selection panel and the filmmaker/producer will be intimated on the outcome in 30 days or earlier. No correspondence before this period will be entertained.

14. If the panel wishes to have more information of your project to assess it better, they would contact you by email.

Submission Form