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Filmocracy Foundation

Filmocracy Foundation is a registered Not for Profit Organization (NPO registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Delhi) formed by filmmakers, cinematographers, editors, writers, actors, music directors, technicians, film buffs, etc. It would function as a platform to foster non-mainstream, independent films in all genres by helping the struggling filmmaker to realize her or his film project and to promote it. The foundation would explore production, distribution and exhibition alternatives to sustain independent cinema. It would also nurture collaborations by creating a dynamic community environment.

Although Filmocracy Foundation does not fund a film project directly, it plays the role of an ‘all-round facilitator’ by providing well designed and far sighted programs to prepare a filmmaker for quality filmmaking, training on technical tools and creative aspects, guiding through well-organized pre-production planning, helping with cost-effective shooting methods, providing competent post-production packages, and assisting in promotions and marketing for both local and overseas markets and festival circuit.

In the first phase of its operation, the foundation would focus on providing production support. It has a two prong strategy to address the huge production costs involved in filmmaking. First is, to take advantage of the recent technological advancements to create a smart choice of equipment that would deliver high end quality at an affordable cost.  The second is, to train a compact crew to handle most of the shooting situations. With these two acts together, the foundation aims to bring down the production costs drastically.

The foundation is all set to raise its repository of equipment and facilities through contributions by people from all sectors and in turn develop an interconnected network of cinema and its audience.

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Vision Statement

Filmmaking has been a capital driven art, all through its existence. Many aspiring filmmakers would have succumbed to the ever evading capital or the pressures of it, in a volatile economy like India. Cinema as an art form or as a means of personal expression can only be worthy when it is free of any external forces or interferences.

Filmocracy Foundation is a step towards liberating the filmmaker from the capital intrusions and to empower her or him in their free artistic pursuits.

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