Script Mentoring Program

Filmocracy deems to believe that there is a need to hold hands with the filmmakers from the very beginning of our association. In its efforts to move beyond production support, in 2021, Filmocracy brings in the script mentorship program to extend its support. The program is spearheaded by a team of experienced filmmakers and scriptwriters with tested methodologies for script mentoring. Each project will be allocated mentors who would have a one to one connect with the filmmaker, working on flexible timelines. 

Since each project is unique with its own pain areas, the program allows the filmmaker to work with a chosen mentor but also seek mentorship from the group. The process of feedbacks being given will be carefully and sensitively done by the mentors. The program intends to assist the filmmaker in actualizing his vision in the script and edge out vagaries if any. The mentorship doesn’t just stop at the script level. The mentors, with their varied experience in filmmaking, can help the filmmaker through the production well into post production.

Presently, the program will be available only for those filmmakers whose scripts are approved by Filmocracy for production support but in the coming years, it would be more inclusive and allow a larger community to participate in it.