1. Make sure that you fill up all the mandatory fields in the Submission Form. The mandatory fields are marked with an * sign. The applicant would not be able to submit the application form unless all the mandatory fields are filled and the supporting documents are attached.
  2. Application forms must be filled only by the filmmaker of the proposed project.
  3. If the script is adapted, state if the rights are acquired.
  4. Director and producer profiles should outline the personal details, credentials and details of previous works. It also should have contact details such as address, mobile no, email etc.
  5. Submissions are limited to Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu at the moment. We shall notify, once it is open to other areas.
  6. A logline or short description must be limited to 1-3 sentences that summarise or describe the film in a way that capture the important elements of your screenplay.
  7. A synopsis of not more than 600 words of the proposed project should be provided.
  8. Director’s intention should not be more than 600 words.
  9. In case of feature films, a treatment note between 8 to 15 pages of length should be submitted. A treatment note is a detailed narrative of the feature film which communicates all scenes, sequences and story points in a prose style that communicates the tone of your film. For non-narrative / non-linear style of films, the filmmaker should provide a detailed audio-visual description, as it would unveil on the screen from start to end. Ideally this also should be 8-15 pages. In case of non-narrative style of films, the filmmaker should also provide an extensively detailed director’s statement that outlines the look and feel, audio-visual treatment, references or any other additional materials that can help the panelists to evaluate the project.
  10. A film treatment is often a confusing term. Hence, we would try to explain it bit more. A film treatment is mandatory for a feature film. A film treatment should not be mistaken for an audio-visual treatment. When asked for a treatment, people often write a paragraph of audio-visual treatment and director’s statement. That WILL NOT work. One has to write the entire narrative, as it unfolds on the screen, from start to end, just like a short story. It is a simple description of what transpires on the screen. In some cases, some argues that it is a non-narrative style project. Even in that case a filmmaker should be able to describe what transpires on the screen, from start to end! Please don’t write filmmaker’s statement/philosophy in the treatment. One could do that in the ‘Director’s intension’ section.
  11. In case of feature films, in addition to the treatment note the filmmaker can also submit a full script. This is optional but recommended as it may help the selection panellists make better assessments of your application.
  12. In case of a short film, the filmmaker must submit a full script as an attachment to the application form.
  13. In case of documentary films, the filmmaker must provide a topic summary of not more than 1000 words explaining why the proposed topic is important, timely and relevant. Aspects to consider while writing the topic summary include the cultural/social/political relevance of the topic, why this project is timely and details on the issues/themes/ challenges/stakes/questions that the project would cover.  Along with this the documentary filmmaker should also include a brief note on the artistic approach adopted by the filmmaker. In not more than 500 words the filmmaker shall explain how he/ she intends to tell the story? In this section, please describe your creative vision for the finished project- its visual look and feel. Explain your intended use of cinematic language or any particular artistic approach that informs the storytelling. If applicable, mention any creative elements and assets, interactive elements, new technologies or non-traditional mediums that you intend to utilize. Explain how these elements will enhance the experience and interaction between viewers and story. Please make sure to submit Topic Summary and Artistic Approach as a single attachment.
  14. Director/producer profile should not be more that 500 words.
  15. Budget should have pre-production, production and post-production break ups. It also should state the finance already secured.
  16. The following can be used as a sample format:

Pre-production Budget : Rs. XX0000
Production Budget : Rs. XX0000
Post-production Budget : Rs. XX0000
Total Budget : Rs. XX0000
Finance already secured : Rs.XX0000

17. English script/treatment can be submitted in pdf or word formats. However, if you wish to attach the script/treatment in Malayalam, it should be in pdf format. Please make sure that your document size does not exceed 10MB.

18. We advise the filmmakers to get the script copyright registered before submitting. If you don’t have a script, a detailed film treatment also can be registered. Links to copyright offices in India:

19. Every project will be screened by the selection panel and the filmmaker/producer will be intimated on the outcome in 30 days or earlier. No correspondence before this period will be entertained. In case you need an earlier response, please mention it in the remarks column citing the reason.

20. If the panel wishes to have more information about the project to assess it better, the Project Management Team will get in touch with the applicant.

Submission Form