Rosa Lima

Short Film / Malayalam / 15mins

On the surface, Rosa Lima is about the ubiquity of mental ill health and the blind spots that we encounter we are forced to confront our own psychological problems. But beyond that, it is also a metaphor for the citizens of a nation searching for the culprit for its derangement.

Rosa Lima Short Film / Malayalam / 15mins

Script, Direction: Anish Pallyal
Producer: Dr. Mohammed Saleem P P
Production Company: Fugue Island Films
Cinematography: Akhil Sasidharan
Sound: Sandeep Madhavam, Jiji P Joseph
Art: Jeet MiniFence
Associate Directors: Prashanth Vijay, Jeet MiniFence
Associate Producers: Jeet MiniFence, Dr. Sajish M
Executive Producers: Jeet MiniFence, Prashanth Vijay
Camera Assistants: Sriram, Jithin Varghese
Cast: Dr. Sajish M, Sunil Kumar V V, Vinod Kumar, S Pradeep